Yoga is much more than physical exercise or stretching. It is the ancient art and science of self-transformation, designed to help you discover your true nature, so that you may live daily life with a new and expanded awareness of who you are and why you are here..

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The purpose of acupuncture is to promote health and alleviate pain and suffering by managing the vital energy and energetic balance of our bodies. It strategically unblocks or adjusts the vital energy flow so the proper amount of energy reaches the proper place at the proper time.

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Nutritional Supplementation

Although eating a healthy diet is very important, it is difficult to get all we need from the food we eat. Nutritional supplementation can help. It will boost your overall health and energy while supporting your healing processes. It can allow you to increase your energy level, develop a clearer mind and create stability within your moods.

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Our Two Minds
meditate learning

Do you have a mind that runs 24/7? Does the voice in your head never stop talking? Do you find yourself uncomfortable with silence or stillness? To fully awaken, you must quiet your mind so your authentic Self, sometime called “the still, small voice” can be heard. Here is how.

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Mind Dumping
creative mind concept

We are all creative; we just have to let ourselves be. To access this essential part of being we must begin to trust our intuition. But before we can do that, we have to eliminate that which blocks our creativity – the “mental trash” we unknowingly carry around with us in our minds that keep us locked into old patterns of thought and behavior.

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Thought Deconstruction

Discover how to release yourself from negative thoughts, and understand that the only time we suffer is when we believe a thought that argues with reality. Learn to breaking down these thoughts, and move further toward a calm mind and intuitive approach to life.

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Meditative Mind
walking buddha

The single most important step you can take in developing a calm mind is to embrace a daily meditation practice. This practice will help you reach a level of expanded consciousness that promotes relaxation, builds internal energy or life force and develops a life filled with compassion, love, patience, generosity, and forgiveness.

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Through my near death experience, I gained direct knowledge of who and what I really am. But, when I made the choice to come back into my body and attempt to live consciously from that place, it wasn’t so easy. I had to discover a new way of being in this dense, physical world. The Enneagram was instrumental in helping me understand the unconscious thought patterns that were hardwired into my personality structure and how to unravel them to live a more conscious, awakened life.

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Astrology is an incredible tool for self-discovery that shows us the impact the sun, stars, moon and planets have on many aspects of our lives including the shape of our personalities, the success of our relationships and the potential for our economic well-being..

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Numerology uncovers information about life through the vibrational science of numbers. The universe is made up of vibrating energy and each number vibrates in a certain way. A good way to understand the qualities of a person, place or thing, including yourself, is to know which numbers make up its vibrating energy.

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Spirit Is

Connecting to spirit… What does that mean? How do I do it? What is spirit, anyway? These are difficult questions to answer. Religion has tried. Philosophy has tried. And now physics is trying. Spirit is the non-physical part of your being that lives on once your body has served its purpose… Join me here to begin the exploration of what this really means.

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The Awakened Life

There is an important difference between awakening and living an awakened life. Awakening is a realization, a remembering really, of the universal consciousness of unity – the oneness of being. An awakened life means that we are living from this new reality with a commitment to constantly look within while we are living in this material world.

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Explore the Interlife

When this life is over and we lay down our beautiful bodies in what most people call death, where do we go? What is it like? If our consciousness survives death, what does it do next? Interesting questions indeed. During my near death experience, I had the opportunity to explore the answers to these questions in a realm I call The Interlife.

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