One of the most important aspects of any path of awakening is a practice of self-exploration, usually called self-inquiry, which helps us remember the truth of our nature.  In my inquiry into self, I have found three tools to be instrumental in this exploration process. Each one serves as a new window into who we are and why we are here in this form, at this time in our human evolution.

true self awaken

Through my near death experience, I gained direct knowledge of whom and what I really am. But, when I made the choice to come back into my body and attempt to live consciously from that place, it wasn’t so easy. I had to discover a new way of being in this dense, physical world. The Enneagram was instrumental in helping me understand the unconscious thought patterns that were hardwired into my personality structure and how to unravel them to live a more conscious, awakened life.

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Astrology is an incredible tool for self-discovery that shows us the impact the sun, stars, moon and planets have on many aspects of our lives including the shape of our personalities, the success of our relationships and the potential for our economic well-being..

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Numerology uncovers information about life through the vibrational science of numbers. The universe is made up of vibrating energy and each number vibrates in a certain way. A good way to understand the qualities of a person, place or thing, including yourself, is to know which numbers make up its vibrating energy.

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