Your body is not who you are, but rather the home in which you live.  It is the container that allows your true Self to have this physical experience called life.  Here are some key tools to optimize your physical life experience and prepare yourself for your awakening journey.

metaphysical tips

Yoga is much more than physical exercise or stretching. It is the ancient art and science of self-transformation, designed to help you discover your true nature, so that you may live daily life with a new and expanded awareness of who you are and why you are here.

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The purpose of acupuncture is to promote health and alleviate pain and suffering by managing the vital energy and energetic balance of our bodies. It strategically unblocks or adjusts the vital energy flow so the proper amount of energy reaches the proper place at the proper time.

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Nutritional Supplementation
healthy supplementation

Although eating a healthy diet is very important, it is difficult to get all we need from the food we eat. Nutritional supplementation can help. It will boost your overall health and energy while supporting your healing processes. It can allow you to increase your energy level, develop a clearer mind and create stability within your moods.

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