Words really fail to explain the essence of Spirit. Spirit is something that must be experienced first-hand, it truly cannot be understood until it is experienced. When we begin to connect to and live from that authentic place, we open to a level of joy and peace that truly does “passeth all understanding.”

Spirit Is

Connecting to spirit… What does that mean? How do I do it? What is spirit, anyway? These are difficult questions to answer. Religion has tried. Philosophy has tried. And now physics is trying. Spirit is the non-physical part of your being that lives on once your body has served its purpose… Join me here to begin the exploration of what this really means.

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The Awakened Life

There is an important difference between awakening and living an awakened life. Awakening is a realization, a remembering really, of the universal consciousness of unity – the oneness of being. An awakened life means that we are living from this new reality with a commitment to constantly look within while we are living in this material world.

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Explore The Interlife

When this life is over and we lay down our beautiful bodies in what most people call death, where do we go? What is it like? If our consciousness survives death, what does it do next? Interesting questions indeed. During my near death experience, I had the opportunity to explore the answers to these questions in a realm I call The Interlife.

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