The Story

Jobs in Heaven is a story about hope, humanity, and the power of awakening to the truth of our being. This is the first novel in the metaphysical Interlife Trilogy series that seeks to free us from our fear of death, enlighten us about the true nature of our immortality, and teach about the realm beyond the visible that awaits us all.

Having forgotten our oneness and the nature of our true identity, we find ourselves and humanity on the brink of annihilation. We are also on the cusp of our greatest evolutionary leap toward an awareness we cannot yet conceive. Humanity must unite and make that leap or we die. Fortunately, the novel’s unlikely heroes on earth team up with their spirit guides and Em, heaven’s “HR” Director, to help save us and our worldly home.


Jobs in Heaven focuses on six individuals: Jake, a troubled, musically-gifted Latino; Carly, a four-year-old intuitive whose grandmother recently died; Jill, Carly’s cynical, left-brained mother grappling with the unexpected death of her mother which left their difficult relationship unresolved; Chris, a college junior and school reporter; Elle, a successful businesswoman trying to reconcile the insights from her recent near-death experience; and Iris, a skilled Peruvian shaman who devotes her life and family’s wealth to expanding awareness about the afterlife.


Can this unlikely group work with their spirit guides to save a world that has drifted dangerously out of balance, causing rampant greed, unbalanced power, and the rise of authoritarian regimes? Can they gain enlightenment to prepare them for their own great leaps on Earth and beyond? Can the inconceivable be made visible by those who must craft a vocabulary and vision to explain the new reality and reveal humanity’s greater potential?


Jobs in Heaven takes the reader on a journey in search of answers to these and larger questions about life and the life between lives, and how we can prepare for our next great evolutionary leap.